Jack Ellis personal protection range is bullet, fragmentation, knife, spike and stab resistant.

UK Manufacturer of Bullet, Knife, Spike and Stab resistant Body Armour

Jack Ellis personal protection vests are bullet, fragmentation, knife, spike and stab resistant. Our personal protection range includes a wide spectrum of threat protection ranging from small metallic fragments to armour piercing ammunition.

HOSDB and NIJ Standards

Our ballistic body armour is designed to meet the exacting HOSDB (Home Office Scientific Development Branch) and NIJ (National Institute of Justice) body armour standards and is manufactured from premium materials which are flame retardant and waterproof. Our body armour is certified to provide protection from bullets, ballistic fragments, knives, spikes and blades.

Ballistic Vest Performance and Comfort

Our vests are designed and manufactured with both performance and comfort in mind allowing the wearer to maintain mobility whilst allowing them to wear our vest for long periods of time. Our vests also use a Spacer fabric lining which allows air-circulation around the body.

Overt and Covert Ballistic & Stab Proof Vests

Designed and manufactured with ergonomic functional covers, our vests can provide the ideal overt or covert body armour protection which can enhance your corporate identity or blend into the background to give complete discretion.

Additional Ballistic & knife Proof Vest Options

Special features include the ability to add equipment pouches, the incorporation of ceramic armour plate pockets and the inclusion of reflective banding and badging. Our body armour is available in a wide range of standard sizes but we also specialise in made-to-measure body armour and custom designed body armour vest covers.

Bullet & Spike Proof Vests Case Study

We are also proud to have designed and supplied armoured vests to many key public-eye reporters, journalists and their media teams, allowing them to carry out their jobs secure in the knowledge that the protection they are wearing has been manufactured to the highest of standards.

We have designed body armour for use in the harshest of environments; where the elements would defeat a lesser product. Manufactured in Scotland UK.

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